About Us

Introducing Pump Master Flex Apparel, The Brand With A Passion For The Pump.

From the little town of Antigo, Wisconsin, Pump Master Flex Apparel is a young brand, with a strong love for fitness.

Pump Master Flex was created as a simple idea. To inspire and motivate individuals who fell in love with the "passion for the pump" just as I did.

"Passion For The Pump" a.k.a. 1) The best feeling you can get in the gym. 2) Going to the gym, Hitting the weights, Getting that pump, and Makin' them gains. The feeling it gives you is pure bliss. 👌

                                             HOW IT ALL STARTED

We all started somewhere, no doubt about that. The reason most of us thought about going to the gym was from being overweight, unhealthy, we wanted to look good naked, we were lacking the energy to accomplish anything we wanted to, or my reason was just to get jacked. We wanted to get fit right? No more excuses. What happened after we started our journey is the amazing part. How we learned and kept progressing is what we feed off of.

It wasn't just about moving the weights anymore... Its about that feeling you get, you find it quite exhilarating and relaxing at the same time. The "PUMP" is what we keep going back for. It consumes you...

Now It's what we do to keep moving forward that counts. Why you started and the goals you want to crush are your keys to your success. All the designs we have were created with fitness in mind to remind us of why we started, why we fell in love with it, and to keep that fire burning. Represent all lifters with a passion for the pump like you and I. Show everyone the meaning of dedication!

Everything we do at Pump Master Flex Apparel, from the products we offer, to the designs on those products, is Inspired by our love for fitness...

Above all else, Pump Master Flex Apparel is driven to use our passion for the weights to Make A Difference in the world one person at a time. Let's get it.

Why do you lift???

We're in this together... 

This is where GORILLAS RUN FREE!!